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Site will no longer be updated

Hi Everyone,

As the writing community in the Phoenix area has grown and flourished, I have personally moved in another direction.  I have stepped away from my other responsibilities in the community, and placed them in other capable hands.  This site is no longer a necessary tool to connect the disparate groups and projects together as I am no longer a community leader.  I do not have as easy access to the information that was so readily available to me before, and will no longer update the site.

I hope you found this a useful resource in the past, and wish the best in the future.

Best Regards.


Four Chambers and Eye Lounge – Ekphrastic Collaboration – Collaboration Submissions

(Please note – I am not Jake, nor am I affiliated with four chambers. -Webmaster 🙂
Hi everybody!
Four Chambers will be partnering with the downtown Phoenix contemporary art space and collective eye lounge to pair eleven local authors with their current members to produce original ekphrastic work for a show during Art Detour (opening March 18th, 2016) and, if you or anyone else you know might be interested–friends, partners, writers, teachers, students, peers, etc–please feel free to apply / pass along the attached information / send them our way.
Just let me know if you have any questions? Applying is basically as easy as sending us an e-mail, the deadline for applications is Wednesday December 9th. Hope you all have a happy holidays if you are into that sort of thing, looking forward to seeing everyone around soon!

Four Chambers 03 Launch Event

Feel free to join the facebook event!

It’s been a year. Please join us as we celebrate the release of our third issue with readings from local authors and general merry-making at Changing Hands Phoenix (300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013) on Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 6:30 pm. It’s free!

With readings from Kelly Nelson, Christopher Danowski, Eric Wertheimer, Edward Kearns, Reese Conner, Melissa Tramuta, Gary Joshua Garrison, Kitt Keller and more

Four Chambers 03 is 166 pages long and features 55 poems and 18 prose works from 55 authors (over 50% local) with 4 illustrations.

For more information and sample work please visit

Four Chambers Press has launched a Kickstarter!‏

We wanted to let you know that Four Chambers just launched a Kickstarter to raise $5,000 to fund the printing of our projects through the rest of the year – Four Chambers 03 and a special project that we partnered with Welcome Diner and Welcome Chicken+Donuts on entitled Welcome Home. Here’s a link to the campaign:
Needless to say, any support you can provide is extremely helpful and appreciated, and please feel free to share the Kickstarter with your friends and followers to help get the word out! See the attached press release for more information.
Thank you so much for your time!

— Four Chambers

Four Chambers
The Heart of Literature
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Keep the Heart of Literature Beating: Four Chambers Launches Kickstarter

Phoenix, AZ (August 18th, 2015)… Independent community literary magazine and small press Four Chambers has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $5,000 by Thursday, September 10th, 2015. The money will be used to bring their current projects to print—Four Chambers 03 and a special project in collaboration with local businesses Welcome Diner and Welcome Chicken + Donuts entitled Welcome Home—seed their operations for next year, and stay in business.

Four Chambers was founded in the Summer of 2013 with the goal of giving greater visibility to the literary arts and encouraging their larger participation in the cultural scene. In keeping that mission, Four Chambers has published a yearly journal, released special projects / thematic anthologies, and organized numerous events and programs—writing groups, salons, featured readings and interviews—in order to serve as a nexus for local literature in the Valley and generally build a stronger community. This Fall, the press intends to expand programming and outreach as it continues production, with plans to begin releasing single author works next Spring.

As Four Chambers continues to grow, challenges with a sales model have required the magazine to seek additional sources of revenue. “Right now, our print runs are just too small to enter into distribution or generate a meaningful profit,” explains Jake Friedman, the press’s Founder and Editor in Chief. “Basically, we’re just asking for additional support from the community as we continue to grow our business.”

More to the point, Four Chambers believes it encompasses more than a product or publication. “Publishing is the nucleus of our organization, but it’s just one of many services we provide,” continues Friedman. “And in certain respects, we believe a fundraiser is able to articulate that relationship in a clearer and more accurate way.”

From the moment I held my first copy, I knew I had purchased something special,” states Samantha Jackson, Director of Operations for Downtown Phoenix Inc. “It’s important to foster our voices and be able to share the creative process. Four Chambers is opening a door to Phoenix’s little-known literary scene coupled with works of art that make each volume a collector’s item.”

Gail Browne, Executive Director for the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, echoes the critical role Four Chambers plays in creative placemaking and public engagement. “Not only does Four Chambers provide a platform for local writers to see their creative work in print, it builds and sustains an exciting literary conversation for Phoenix writers and readers alike. I’m also impressed with the degree to which Four Chambers creates artistic partnerships with arts institutions and local business: this is community building at its best.”

The Kickstarter (which went live Tuesday, August 11th) has already raised over $3,000 in little under a week, reaching nearly 60% of its $5,000 goal. “It’s been so humbling to see the community care about Four Chambers as much as we do,” explains Assistant Director Kelsey Pinckney. “They responded so quickly and vehemently, it renews my belief in it again. It’s made me just take a deep breath and realize how strong we all are—the community—when we move together.” The campaign has also been chosen by Kickstarter as a staff pick.

Fundraising ends Thursday, September 10th. If Four Chambers does not meet its goal, the magazine will be forced to more or less suspend operations. To learn more about the Four Chambers Kickstarter, visit

Welcome Home is a special project featuring 12 poems and 8 prose works by 20 local authors inspired by the local businesses Welcome Diner and Welcome Chicken + Donuts and is planned to be released with a launch party at Welcome Diner Saturday evening, September 19th.

Four Chambers 03 features 57 poems and 15 prose works from 55 authors (nearly 50% local) and is planned to be released in mid to late October. While the magazine is unsure whether the fundraising campaign will generate enough money to commission local artists to produce illustrations for winning work (as it has in the past), Jeff Slim, Monica Aissa Martinez, and Andrew ‘Soldierleisure’ Brown are tentatively on board.

About Four Chambers Press Local-National

Four Chambers Press is an independent community press based in Phoenix, AZ whose mission is to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their larger participation in the cultural scene. For more information please visit

Four Chambers – June 19th Limited Engagement Reading and Interview Featuring Frank Jackson

Limited Engagement Reading and Interview Featuring Frank Jackson

LE 02 Flier Frank Jackson

Four Chambers Call for Submissions – Deadline July 6th, 2015

Four Chambers
The Heart of Literature
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Four Chambers Presents Poetry and Prose for the Phoenix Art Museum First Friday March 6th

Hi Everybody!

Sorry to bother you, but we just wanted to invite you to the release of our latest project Poetry and Prose for the Phoenix Art Museum at the Phoenix Art Museum (1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004) on First Friday March 6th, where we’ll be staging walking tours and live performances throughout the evening.

For more information, please see the attached press release or facebook event. Please feel free to share through newsletters, social media, with anyone you know who might be interested. To order the book, visit our website (here).

Just let us know if you have any questions, thanks so much, and hope to see you there!

Submissions for Four Chambers 03 Close Friday November 28th 2014

Call for Submissions: Issue 03
Deadline November 28th 2014

Independent community literary magazine Four Chambers is looking for good work for its third issue (Spring 2015). $100 first place prize; $100 additional prize pool; illustrations from local artists; no fees. Guidelines and form too long to list here / available online at

We look forward to reading your work! About Four Chambers Press Local-National Four Chambers Press is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ that seeks to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their larger participation in the cultural scene. For more
information, please visit

Phoenix, AZ (November 19th, 2014)… Independent community literary magazine Four Chambers—what some people may have recalled hearing about on KJZZ or other local media a month or two ago, also Best Literary Journal in Phoenix by the New Times (2014)—will be closing the submission period for its third issue Friday, November 28th at 11:59 PM MST.

Each issue, Four Chambers awards $200 in prizes and works with local artists to illustrate selected pieces from the magazine. But, as Assistant Director Kelsey Pinckney explains, Four Chambers is about so much more.

Where publishing can often be a distant, impersonal, rejection-laden process, Four Chambers is trying to cultivate real, personal relationships with the people who submit their work. “We spend so much time just reading and talking about things it’s nuts,” explains Pinckney, petting a small cat “Each submission that
comes in gets read by a Managing Editor before it’s sent out to two or three Associate Editors, each of whom reads it, scores it, and leaves a note before it gets read, again, by the Managing Editor. If it passes, it gets sent to our editorial board, who meets together for a few hours at the end of the month to eat pastries and talk about the submissions. If it doesn’t pass, we send people a personal letter. “Pinckney continues. “It’s magazine policy to send a personal letter for every single submission. We receive thousands of submissions, so it’s totally crazy, but people took the time to write something and send it to us, so we’re just trying to honor that.” The cat closes its eyes and purrs. “We just care.” What’s more, Four Chambers is committed to promoting its authors and having a felt, immediate presence in the local community. As a styrofoam heart-shaped mascot for the magazine explains, ticking 1 off the list on his oversized fingers, “We give people pages from the magazine and drop them around town at coffee shops and cafes. We bring authors to local writing groups and open mics. We do short presentations for creative writing classes at community colleges and ASU. We table at Farmers Markets and local festivals. We get sunburned and dehydrated.” Having run out fingers, the mascot looks up and
shrugs. “We want to get the work out there. We do a lot of things.”

It’s also worth noting that Four Chambers ends up publishing about 50% local work. “Not because we have quotas or reserve a certain amount of room for people who have a connection to Phoenix / Arizona,” says an animatronic bear wearing overalls and a straw hat. “There are just a lot of good writers living here
who don’t have any other place locally to submit their work.” And unlike other magazines which may have specific editorial missions or focuses, Four Chambers is just looking for good work. “Seriously,” says Jake Friedman, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, holding a small cup of coffee, taking the occasional sip. “We’re just looking for good work. Like I know everybody says they’re looking for good work but we’re serious, we mean it.” As Friedman has stated in previous releases, on record, Four Chambers wants to publish contemporary literature. This being said, he doesn’t know what that means. Fortunately, he thinks part of what makes art contemporary is figuring out what contemporary art means in the first place. But, as Friedman is quick to point out, he has no idea what he’s talking about. “I mean, at the end of the day, you’re just a person, right?” Friedman is washing dishes. “Art is something we do because it’s fun, because it makes our lives more meaningful and gives us something to do. Don’ get me wrong. I think publishing work is crucial, especially if we’re trying to engender a more cohesive scene.” Friedman is scrubbing vigorously at the corner of a pan. “But I think it’s important to remember that publication is just a means to an end, it’s just a way for people to engage with artistic work, and I think one of the reasons people do so is because we’re looking for a shared, abstract human experience, a connection or a resonance, whatever that may be.”
Friedman turns off the faucet and dries his hands. “And because we’re looking for community.”

“So when you can read a piece of work and feel something for that piece, when it means something to you, when you can develop a relationship with it,” Friedman has found a plush arm chair and has taken a seat. “That is fantastic, that is a great thing.” Friedman crosses his legs, adjusts his robe, and begins to light a
large tobacco pipe. “And when you have a relationship with that piece of work,” he puffs, “you have a meaningful, substantive relationship with the person who wrote it. This is what we mean when we say we’re publishing work to build community” Friedman leans back, satisfied, and a small yellow cat jumps
onto the back of the chair.

“But when you can have that kind of experience with a person who lives in the same city as you,” Friedman leans forward. “When they shop at the same grocery store, when they post pictures of their cat on facebook, when you see them walking down the street,” gesturing with his free hand, “That’s a real, personal connection, that adds value to your experience with the piece of art, that adds value to your experience in life, and that too is a great thing.”

Individuals who wish to submit to Four Chambers can find policies, guidelines, forms, and all other relevant information at Copies of Four Chambers 01 and Four Chambers 02 are also available for purchase online at modest and reasonable prices ($10 for the first issue,  $12 for the second, $20 for both—they also have a chapbook) and make great gifts for friends or family with vaguely related literary interests (wink win).

Four Chambers would also like you to know that they just released their first chapbook, Poems for the Future President by Michael Bartelt, more information for which is available online at
Four Chambers will also be:
• tabling at Alternative Black Friday at Cityscape on Friday, November 28th
• bringing Elizabeth McNeil, Paula Ashley, and Johnnie Clemens May to Changing Hands Tempe
on Friday December 5th,
• tabling at Phoestivus on Wednesday December 10th and 17th
• tabling at the Phoenix Festival for the Arts Friday December 12th through Sunday December 14th
• sitting on a publishing panel at Wilkes College in Mesa on December 13th.
Four Chambers is also working on:
• a wine tasting + themed reading tentatively titled “Drunk in Love” in February
• a mural by Art Director Isaac Caruso for PaintPHX in early March
• a collaboration with the Phoenix Art Museum in which local authors will respond to the
museum’s permanent collection in April.
Calls for special projects will be released by the beginning of December. Four Chambers 03 will be
released in March 2015.
About Four Chambers Press Local-National
Four Chambers Press is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ that wants you to read
awesome literature from people in Phoenix / Arizona / beyond + give you something to do every once in a while +
make your life slightly more interesting. For more information please visit

Four Chambers Call For Submissions – Second Issue

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS For more information, contact:



Deadline: February 14, 2014

Independent community literary magazine Four Chambers is looking for good literary work for its second issue (May 2014). Individuals may submit up to 5 poems and/or 3 prose pieces in any style, genre or form (under 5000 words each). Prizes include $100 for editor’s choice award and an additional $100 pool for honorable mentions. The magazine will also select certain works to be illustrated by local artists. Full policy and submissions form are available online at We look forward to reading your work.

About Four Chambers Press Local-National

Four Chambers Press is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ that seeks to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their larger participation in the cultural scene. While literary magazines publish literary work and community literary magazines may get that work from the community, we are publishing work to build community. For more information, please visit

your work soon!

Four Chambers Call For Submissions – Second Issue

Four Chambers, an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ, is currently looking for good work (whatever that means) for issue 02. $200 in prizes. Illustrations by local artists. Stronger literary community. Deadline Feb 07th. For more information please visit Thank you so much, and looking forward to reading your work soon!