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Hi Everyone,

As the writing community in the Phoenix area has grown and flourished, I have personally moved in another direction.  I have stepped away from my other responsibilities in the community, and placed them in other capable hands.  This site is no longer a necessary tool to connect the disparate groups and projects together as I am no longer a community leader.  I do not have as easy access to the information that was so readily available to me before, and will no longer update the site.

I hope you found this a useful resource in the past, and wish the best in the future.

Best Regards.


Local Books – The Crossword Killings: In the Valley of Dry Bones (Herb Nash Mystery Series) (Volume 2)

Paperback       Kindle

Steven P. Wyner

The Vietnam War rages on with no end in sight. While hippies are moving to the hills there is something horribly wrong happening in a suburban house on Laurel Street, in Phoenix. Now, over forty years later, after the house is purchased at a foreclosure sale, a Mexican day laborer unwittingly finds an army surplus ammo box buried in the back yard containing some baby bones. But the police aren’t interested. HERB NASH is a street wise but aging paralegal and part time private investigator. But now, after his last big case that made him a local hero, the phone keeps ringing. This time, he’s off to an Indian casino in south Phoenix, where he meets the eccentric retired dentist who now owns the Laurel Street house, and demands to know how those those bones got in his back yard. The case turns even deadlier when Nash butts heads with a glass ceiling breaking Los Angeles police sergeant on her way to the top, who once lived in the Laurel Street house, and just discovered she cannot bury her past forever.

Local Books – The Halleluiah Baby

Paperback (No Paperback Edition)        Kindle

Kathleen Martin (Author)

Treez McDuffy is a single woman without friends, family, or romantic attachments. She has recently retired from a forty-year, lifeless job. She is now faced with facing herself. The wounds from her childhood that never healed reopen, and Treez must confront the truth behind her inability to form any type of meaningful relationship. She is alone without any sense of purpose or belonging, and she is left to console herself with endless cigarettes, liter-boxes of Merlot, and micro-waved frozen dinners.

A transformation is ignited one morning when she hears the sound of Canada geese flying over her apartment on their way home, calling her to join them. The momentous sight of this huge flock of geese flying overhead stirs something inside Treez that has lain dormant for years – hope. But to change her life, she has to change everything.

She terminates the lease on the rent-controlled apartment she’s had for thirty years, cashes in her retirement savings, buys a new car, adopts a dog that is aptly named Guido from the local pound, and sets out to travel the Trans Canada Highway on a loosely planned journey to the Badlands of South Dakota. By the time self-doubt sets in, it is too late to turn back, so she embraces her reckless decision and continues on.

What starts off as a trip to the Badlands veers dramatically off-course as Treez encounters people and events that steer her in a whole new direction. She is challenged in ways she has never experienced before while she struggles with the lessons she receives from both natural and supernatural experiences along the road to the place she is supposed to be. Her journey becomes an odyssey of rebirth and self-discovery, and she discovers so much more than she ever knew she needed.

Local Books – Mac and June: Love In The Time Of Oil

Paperback (Coming Soon!)        Kindle

James David Nicol

In 1974, when twenty-three year-old American, Mac, meets June in an Aberdeen dancehall in a strange land called Scotland, he falls in love with her and the whole, raucous Meldrum clan. It’s not all plain sailing, though, as Mac discovers when his big-oil employer gives him an ultimatum that tests his loyalties. The answer to Mac’s challenges may come in the form of June’s grumpy Grandpa, a man with hidden talents, secrets, and a wicked tongue.

Local Books – Rhythms & Muse: Nothing you can touch can show you what is really there.

Paperback        Kindle

Ann Narcisian Videan

Award-winning singer Alexandra Lauren witnesses a horrific car accident seen many times before in her dreams, which spurs her to reevaluate her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. With her lofty musical goal now tarnished by reality, and her unfulfilled memories from her senior year in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, haunting her, Alex takes a bold step to change the rhythms of her life. Leveraging her newly acknowledged intuitions, she makes a plan to reconnect not only with her musical touchstone and high-school sweetheart Matthew Roberts, but with her desire to impact lives for the good through the innocence and beauty of music.

Even though Matt holds Alex in his heart as his only muse, he resolves to ignore her existence. He cannot stay in control with her powerful presence in his life. Besides, how can he ever forgive her? In alliance with their charismatic friend Daniel, her betrayal demolished Matt’s joy in creating their hit single, not to mention their future lives, together.

Can anything in this world shift Matt’s resolve to distance himself from Alex? And, with Daniel still pursuing Alex even as his wife Kathy looks on, can Alex actually find fulfillment? Will music draw the estranged soul mates together again and guide them to realize their dreams?

hem to realize their dreams?



Local Books – Halfway to Each Other: How a Year in Italy Brought Our Family Home

Paperback        Kindle

Susan Pohlman (Author)

The remarkable true story of a couple on the brink of separation who finds love again while spending a year in Italy with their family now including an update five years later.

Tired, empty, and disillusioned with married life, Susan Pohlman was ready to call it quits. As soon as she and her husband, Tim, completed their business trip to Italy, she planned to break the news that she wanted to end their eighteen-year marriage.

During their last day as they walked along the Italian Rivera, Tim fantasized aloud that, perhaps, they could live there. After initially dismissing the idea, Susan realized that she wanted to give their marriage another try and that maybe life in such a beautiful place could bring them back to each other.

Together with their fourteen-year-old daughter and eleven-year-old son, they leave the hectic life in Los Angeles for a more intimate lifestyle in Italy.

Susan’s funny, touching story reveals how stepping out of their normal day-to-day lives truly united her family in a whole new way. In this expanded paperback edition of Halfway to Each Other, readers will be able to enjoy the original story of their adventures — no cars, no television — and find out where they are today. When they returned to the United States, they went not to California, but to Arizona — and to a brand-new life.


Local Books – Alex, the West Nile Horse

Paperback        Kindle (No Kindle Version)

By Katie Klosterman (Author)

This is the true story of Alex, who originally bred to be a championship American Saddlebred show horse, is judged a failure at the young age of two and is subsequently banished by his trainer to the land of the cowboys at a rural Arizona desert barn.  As an unwanted rescue within a few short months he contracts the most debilitating form of West Nile in which he suffers from severe brain encephalitis and is not expected to recover.  Miraculously, he survives and his story truly begins as he struggles against traumatic brain injury.  He desperately seeks out the help of a reluctant, middle-aged horse owner.  He picks her to save him.  Yet his rehabilitation is a challenge she may not be equipped to handle.  She develops her own unorthodox methods to bring him back from the effects of his brush with death with sometimes mixed results.  This story provides several surprises along the way as it reaches its unexpected ending.  Written in the first person and covering an 18 month period, the book provides a unique horse training perspective, coupled with a view into the realities of rescue horse ownership in today’s west.  It also shares the struggle of a middle-age woman who is making a transition of her own.  The compelling story is funny, sad, informative, heartwarming and provocative.

Local Books – The Reluctant Blogger (Preorder Now – Coming August 13th)

Paperback        Kindle (Coming Soon)

Ryan Rapier (Author)
Blogging was the last thing Todd Landry expected his psychiatrist to recommend in dealing with his wife’s death. But his aversion to therapy demands drastic measures, and Todd soon finds himself writing about his sometimes-humorous struggles with single parenthood, dating, and shattered expectations. With each blog entry, Todd lets his guard down and discovers that perhaps he can find love once again.

Local Books – Sailing The Waterhouse; Swapping Turf for Surf

Paperback        Kindle

Kelly Girl Waterhouse (Author)

A true story of a young couple who sought more in life than their daily routine; they sold their home and possessions for a simpler existence on a 35 foot boat. Kelly (boy) and Kelly (Girl)-yes, they have the same names- thought the simple life was sailing around the world. But first they had to prepare for the voyage. In two years living dockside, they saved their money for a world adventure while explaining to their doubting family and friends they weren’t crazy. The people close to them knew they were of sound mind, however anything could have happened to them in this open ocean voyage. This story shares this couple’s first ocean passage of 900 nautical miles down the Graveyard of the Pacific to California. This is a journey, which goes beyond nautical miles. It is a journey in believing in oneself while facing fear, objection and challenges together. The found the courage to continue on to a thrilling and liberating adventure.

Local Books – Penny Maybe: A Novel

Paperback        Kindle (No kindle Version)

Writing from a witty and sardonic adult perspective, Kathleen Martin explores the turmoil of adolescence in this highly original first novel. Since age seven, Penny Maybe has lived in one foster home after another, making her sceptical of just about everything. Arriving at yet another new ‘home,” she expects that eventually something will go wrong and she’ll be back at the foster-kid depot. Despite living with quirky and emotionally unstable foster parents, Penny remains undaunted, and decides that the ultimate way to find herself is to do something remarkable — swim Lake Ontario.

In a world where adults behave like adolescents, sixteen-year-old Penny will take us back to what we may have forgotten: that first kisses sound like Debussy, that Freddie Mercury ranks up there with God and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and that loneliness is just a regular slice of life.