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Local Books – Murder on Camelback Mountain (Herb Nash Mysteries Book 1)

Paperback         Kindle

When he thinks he’s about to keep an important business appointment in lawyer Lamar Madison’s cramped Phoenix law office HERB NASH finds himself shaking hands with a homicide detective who suspects them both of brutally murdering James Olivette, aka Jim B—small time con-artist and only son of one of the city’s wealthiest widows.

The detective tells them Jim B’s dismembered body parts were discovered earlier that morning splayed around a storm drain in the heart of an exclusive Camelback Mountain neighborhood. It gets personal for HERB NASH when the detective tells them both that their business cards were found tucked inside the dead man’s shirt pocket, making them the only “persons of interest” and potential suspects in the Jim B murder investigation.

Lamar convinces HERB NASH to fire up his PI license intended only for skip-tracing dead beat dads and credit criminals, and HERB NASH reluctantly uses it to open up doors in search of more likely persons of interest to keep the police busy and off his back. In the process he twice escapes a brutal death, takes down the most unlikely psychopathic killer, and discovers a startling secret about himself.




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