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Reedsy ( is young company that aids all authors with the ambition to craft a bestselling book. I was wondering if the aspiring writers in your community would be interested in what we are up too?

Reedsy has handpicked the industry’s top professional editors, designers and marketers – making it easy to connect with them and request quotes. We only work with a select group of the best freelancers, the ones who know the publishing landscape better than a writer knows the taste of hot coffee.

Some of our editors:­­­­

… and designers­­­­

Youtube writer’s video class with Carolyn McCray

This is Carolyn McCray, I am a Meetup Organizer based in Olympia Washington, but I am also an international bestselling author, closing in on 1 million ebooks sold. Beyond my indie publishing career I also had a 7 book deal with Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer and was a professional story/content editor.

I have a series of YouTube workshop tutorials and for a limited time they are all free. I think they might help any writers in your group that are serious about their craft but need a little help.

The premise is for an author to listen to each day’s tutorial before their writing session to help keep them accountable and on-track structure-wise. The goal is to finish a book in 60 days with a leg up from me ☺

Take a look here……­

2nd Annual Arizona Writer’s Conference – Wilkes University

On Meetup –

Four Chambers 03 Launch Event

Feel free to join the facebook event!

It’s been a year. Please join us as we celebrate the release of our third issue with readings from local authors and general merry-making at Changing Hands Phoenix (300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013) on Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 6:30 pm. It’s free!

With readings from Kelly Nelson, Christopher Danowski, Eric Wertheimer, Edward Kearns, Reese Conner, Melissa Tramuta, Gary Joshua Garrison, Kitt Keller and more

Four Chambers 03 is 166 pages long and features 55 poems and 18 prose works from 55 authors (over 50% local) with 4 illustrations.

For more information and sample work please visit

Calls For Submissions! (Next Submissions call for January First)

Apologies – The next call for submissions will be on January First.  Keep this on your calendars!



  • Leah Newsom is looking for short poetry and microfiction for a new lit mag called Spilled Milk (click here)

Please feel free to contact the organizers directly if you have any questions.

Spilled Milk

We are looking for fiction that is no more than 1500 words, that can be read in the amount of time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee. We are interested in “good” fiction, whatever that entails. The more innovative, unique, captivating, the better.


We accept nonfiction that is no more than 1500 words, and, just like the fiction, can be read in a coffee-sipping timeline.


We’re interested in poems no more than 20 lines, again, to be read while drinking a cup of coffee. The same qualifications of “good” exist for poetry as well as fiction and nonfiction. We don’t know what that means, but if you think it’s good, send it to us. We want to read it.

Please send no more than two stories or essays, and/or four poems per submission.

We publish previously unpublished work.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please email us to let us know if your piece has been picked up elsewhere.

All authors and artists maintain publication rights so that the copyright immediately reverts back to the author upon publication.

Email all submissions as a Word doc to spilledmilkmagazine at gmail dot com.

Local Books – Hereos of Aeolyne (Heroes of Aeolyne Book 1)

Paperback         Kindle

Grand heroes of Aeolyne, they had been long observed by a mysterious force and
led to a land where they all will soon meet. Warriors and leaders that had suffered
much and delivered freedom that is needed. Soon they will all join the path to
help deliver the land from the dreaded Dragon Dorica’lax. Come meet these
grand heroes and see their journey beginnings.

Local Books – The Legends of Aeolyne

Paperback         Kindle

The Legends of Aeolyne is a vast land that has had many peoples claim and build their homes. But war is always around the corner. A land filled with mystery, forgotten lands, races and many hidden treasures. Drecue a half-elf prince is drawn into an on-going struggle between cultish factions and his father’s decaying kingdom. As the struggle becomes larger it entangles the hero that would be the cults down fall, but he has his own agenda. This universe calls on your imagination to breathe life into old mythical beasts and classical creatures. The Legends of Aeolyne were drawn from the Authors love of classical history and many hours in the library. Come and build this world and live it in your dreams.


Local Books – The Crossword Killings: In the Valley of Dry Bones (Herb Nash Mystery Series) (Volume 2)

Paperback         Kindle

The Vietnam War rages on with no end in sight. While hippies are moving to the hills there is something horribly wrong happening in a suburban house on Laurel Street, in Phoenix.

Now, over forty years later, after the house is purchased at a foreclosure sale, a Mexican day laborer unwittingly finds an army surplus ammo box buried in the backyard containing some baby bones. But the police aren’t interested.

HERB NASH is a street wise but aging paralegal and part time private investigator. But now, after his last big case that made him a local hero, the phone keeps ringing. This time, he’s off to an Indian casino in south Phoenix, where he meets the eccentric retired dentist who now owns the Laurel Street house, and demands to know how those those bones got in his backyard. The case turns even deadlier when Nash butts heads with a glass ceiling breaking Los Angeles police sergeant on her way to the top, who once lived in the Laurel Street house, and just discovered she cannot bury her past forever.


Local Books – Murder on Camelback Mountain (Herb Nash Mysteries Book 1)

Paperback         Kindle

When he thinks he’s about to keep an important business appointment in lawyer Lamar Madison’s cramped Phoenix law office HERB NASH finds himself shaking hands with a homicide detective who suspects them both of brutally murdering James Olivette, aka Jim B—small time con-artist and only son of one of the city’s wealthiest widows.

The detective tells them Jim B’s dismembered body parts were discovered earlier that morning splayed around a storm drain in the heart of an exclusive Camelback Mountain neighborhood. It gets personal for HERB NASH when the detective tells them both that their business cards were found tucked inside the dead man’s shirt pocket, making them the only “persons of interest” and potential suspects in the Jim B murder investigation.

Lamar convinces HERB NASH to fire up his PI license intended only for skip-tracing dead beat dads and credit criminals, and HERB NASH reluctantly uses it to open up doors in search of more likely persons of interest to keep the police busy and off his back. In the process he twice escapes a brutal death, takes down the most unlikely psychopathic killer, and discovers a startling secret about himself.