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Local Books – The Crossword Killings: In the Valley of Dry Bones (Herb Nash Mystery Series) (Volume 2)

Paperback       Kindle

Steven P. Wyner

The Vietnam War rages on with no end in sight. While hippies are moving to the hills there is something horribly wrong happening in a suburban house on Laurel Street, in Phoenix. Now, over forty years later, after the house is purchased at a foreclosure sale, a Mexican day laborer unwittingly finds an army surplus ammo box buried in the back yard containing some baby bones. But the police aren’t interested. HERB NASH is a street wise but aging paralegal and part time private investigator. But now, after his last big case that made him a local hero, the phone keeps ringing. This time, he’s off to an Indian casino in south Phoenix, where he meets the eccentric retired dentist who now owns the Laurel Street house, and demands to know how those those bones got in his back yard. The case turns even deadlier when Nash butts heads with a glass ceiling breaking Los Angeles police sergeant on her way to the top, who once lived in the Laurel Street house, and just discovered she cannot bury her past forever.