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Four Chambers is now available for purchase online

Four Chambers is now available for purchase online at

The price is $12 and includes 42 poems and 14 short stories from 49 authors (over 50% of whom are from Arizona).

Booth: A Journal is now accepting submissions for Resurrection Tales: New Life for Old Characters

Booth: A Journal is now accepting submissions for Resurrection Tales: New Life for Old Characters.

Anything in the public domain is fair game to be remixed, twisted, fanfic-ed. The basic idea here is to revisit characters we all know and call them back to action. One last labor for Hercules? Cool. A mash-up of the tale of Jonah and Moby Dick? Send it our way. A hard-boiled noir about the murder of the Wicked Witch? We want to read it for this forthcoming series on Booth. 
Length: No restrictions
Forms: It should work on paper or a screen. Other than that, no restrictions. Prose, poetry, infographics, origami templates, whatever.  
Submit online:

Local Books – The Halleluiah Baby

Paperback (No Paperback Edition)        Kindle

Kathleen Martin (Author)

Treez McDuffy is a single woman without friends, family, or romantic attachments. She has recently retired from a forty-year, lifeless job. She is now faced with facing herself. The wounds from her childhood that never healed reopen, and Treez must confront the truth behind her inability to form any type of meaningful relationship. She is alone without any sense of purpose or belonging, and she is left to console herself with endless cigarettes, liter-boxes of Merlot, and micro-waved frozen dinners.

A transformation is ignited one morning when she hears the sound of Canada geese flying over her apartment on their way home, calling her to join them. The momentous sight of this huge flock of geese flying overhead stirs something inside Treez that has lain dormant for years – hope. But to change her life, she has to change everything.

She terminates the lease on the rent-controlled apartment she’s had for thirty years, cashes in her retirement savings, buys a new car, adopts a dog that is aptly named Guido from the local pound, and sets out to travel the Trans Canada Highway on a loosely planned journey to the Badlands of South Dakota. By the time self-doubt sets in, it is too late to turn back, so she embraces her reckless decision and continues on.

What starts off as a trip to the Badlands veers dramatically off-course as Treez encounters people and events that steer her in a whole new direction. She is challenged in ways she has never experienced before while she struggles with the lessons she receives from both natural and supernatural experiences along the road to the place she is supposed to be. Her journey becomes an odyssey of rebirth and self-discovery, and she discovers so much more than she ever knew she needed.