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Fellow Author Blog – Ken Weene – Marketing

Dear friends and family,

This is a note about books, actually about free books. One of my marketing efforts has been The Write Room Blog. It is a cooperative effort of thirty disparate writers who have banded together to work on marketing. The funny thing about cooperation: sometimes it bears remarkable fruit. Having been up for only four months, The Write Room has already had over a hundred thousand hits (visits).

To celebrate we decided to do a book raffle. All of us have contributed print and electronic versions of our work. We want to give them away and are urging visitors to our blog and our friends to enter the raffle. It is free and you may win some great writing. If nothing else, you might find the blog itself worth visiting. Today’s post, for instance, is a collection of 9 short pieces about the end of the world.

Here’s the link. I hope you’ll click on it, be intrigued, and follow the simple directions to join the raffle. Be assured, we aren’t going to put you on some mailing list or insist that you follow the blog. We just want you to enjoy some good reading.

So here’s the link:

My very best, Ken
PS: Of course I hope you will share this information with others. Let’s be real, marketing is about spreading the word. Thanks

Local Books – Mac and June: Love In The Time Of Oil

Paperback (Coming Soon!)        Kindle

James David Nicol

In 1974, when twenty-three year-old American, Mac, meets June in an Aberdeen dancehall in a strange land called Scotland, he falls in love with her and the whole, raucous Meldrum clan. It’s not all plain sailing, though, as Mac discovers when his big-oil employer gives him an ultimatum that tests his loyalties. The answer to Mac’s challenges may come in the form of June’s grumpy Grandpa, a man with hidden talents, secrets, and a wicked tongue.

Local Books – Rhythms & Muse: Nothing you can touch can show you what is really there.

Paperback        Kindle

Ann Narcisian Videan

Award-winning singer Alexandra Lauren witnesses a horrific car accident seen many times before in her dreams, which spurs her to reevaluate her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. With her lofty musical goal now tarnished by reality, and her unfulfilled memories from her senior year in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, haunting her, Alex takes a bold step to change the rhythms of her life. Leveraging her newly acknowledged intuitions, she makes a plan to reconnect not only with her musical touchstone and high-school sweetheart Matthew Roberts, but with her desire to impact lives for the good through the innocence and beauty of music.

Even though Matt holds Alex in his heart as his only muse, he resolves to ignore her existence. He cannot stay in control with her powerful presence in his life. Besides, how can he ever forgive her? In alliance with their charismatic friend Daniel, her betrayal demolished Matt’s joy in creating their hit single, not to mention their future lives, together.

Can anything in this world shift Matt’s resolve to distance himself from Alex? And, with Daniel still pursuing Alex even as his wife Kathy looks on, can Alex actually find fulfillment? Will music draw the estranged soul mates together again and guide them to realize their dreams?

hem to realize their dreams?



Writing Class in Scottsdale – Rewriting your Work – $75 – November 30th!

 Class by Jeff Schimmel
I will be in Phoenix, unexpectedly, for a few days at the end of November and beginning of December.  I didn’t have much advance notice, otherwise I would’ve reached out to you sooner.
On Saturday, November 30th, I will be conducting a very small group class in Scottsdale.  It will be limited to 15 people, and once I explain what it is, you will understand why I have to restrict the number of attendees.
Over the years, writers in Phoenix have expressed to me, privately, their problems regarding the rewriting process.  Knowing how to tackle a rewrite is not only daunting and bewildering, but many writers are terrified of the notion, even though it is mandatory for everyone.  Even A-list screenwriters complete multiple drafts.  Anyone who doesn’t rewrite is not really writing anything worth reading.
Common questions are: (1) How do I know what’s wrong with my pages?  (2)  How do I know if my scenes are not moving the story forward?  (3)  How do I know if my basic format is correct?  (4)  How should I approach a rewrite?
Something amazing will happen from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on November 30th.  I will personally rewrite your scene/scenes in a classroom setting, and teach you the method.  
Each person will be required to bring between 3-5 pages of their own writing, whether it is from a completed screenplay, a work in progress, or if you simply want the lesson and experience, you can write some scenes for that purpose only.
Each person will be required to bring 15 copies of their scenes, because we will all learn from these pages.  Don’t fear this sharing of material.  If someone can steal your script from 3-5 pages, you have bigger problems than just knowing how to rewrite.  Also, the cost of 3 pages x 15 copies should be about $5.
In addition, I will have a guest speak to the group via video Skype.  Anyone who attended the last class, where you had an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of veteran screenwriter Eric Fleming knows how valuable this can be.  On November 30th, you will have the chance to meet a well known writer/director.
Everyone who attends will walk away with invaluable information and new skills.  But again, I can only handle 15 writers, simply because we will be working in on pages in great detail.
If you are interested in attending, I need to receive your RSVP as soon as possible.  As soon as I reach 15, the registration will close.  Please do not wait.
The event will be held at the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge.  It is located at 5101 North Scottsdale Road.  If you attended the last event, you know that you will be able to order lunch and drinks while in the classroom.  For the benefit of the writers, I will work through the lunch hour.
If you are a serious writer, I strongly urge you not to miss this.
The cost is just $75.  That is a ridiculously low fee for this type of experience.  No one will leave without being completely satisfied.  Plus, I guarantee that everyone will also receive some type of offer of additional value.  
If you believe that $75 is a reasonable investment in your future and skill as a screenwriter, I will see you on the 30th.  You won’t be disappointed.
Again, I need to hear from you ASAP if you will be attending.  Payment will be made upon arrival, cash or check, as this event is not being offered through the PSA.
Best regards,
Jeff Schimmel
PS – Please tell Jeff that Kitty Stuart sent you.

Four Chambers Call For Submissions – Second Issue

Four Chambers, an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ, is currently looking for good work (whatever that means) for issue 02. $200 in prizes. Illustrations by local artists. Stronger literary community. Deadline Feb 07th. For more information please visit Thank you so much, and looking forward to reading your work soon!

Four Chambers Launch Party – December 5, 2013


Independent Community Literary Magazine Four Chambers Releases Inaugural Issue
Phoenix, AZ (December 5, 2013)…. Four Chambers, an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ, will be celebrating the release of its inaugural issue with a launch party Thursday, December 5th at the FilmBar (815 N. 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004) beginning with a cocktail reception at 6:30 pm and an awards ceremony with readings at 7:15 pm.
In addition to including a diverse array of 42 poems and 14 prose works from 49 authors (half of whom reside in Arizona), the magazine features cover and design by Isaac Caruso and commissioned illustrations from local artists Ashley Macias, Gabriel Pecina (Leter), and Josh Brizuela (of BASK clothing). The magazine will also be available for purchase online and at various events throughout the Valley. More details are available online at

About Four Chambers Press Local-National
Four Chambers Press is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ that seeks to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their larger participation in the cultural scene. For information about sales or submissions, please visit