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Local Books – My Daughter, My Son: An Adolescent’s Gender Transition Experienced by Mother & Child

Paperback        Kindle

Betsie Harvie , Luca Harvie

“Life isn’t worth living if I can’t be a boy.” My Daughter, My Son is a riveting inside view from mother and child of a gender transformation. You will be drawn into this human interest story of a middle class family struggling with one of the most emotionally challenging, financially devastating, dangerous and awkward situations they could be thrown into. It will take Betsie’s seemingly endless capacity to love and Luca’s unwavering determination to bring congruity to the young man’s body and life. Ultimately, the authors’ bravery and tenacity will carry the day. Brimming with wit and wry charm, Betsie and Luca are candid and relatable. My Daughter, My Son includes photographs ranging from Betsie holding her baby daughter, to Luca as an adult. They put regular faces you can identify with to the issue of being trans. In contrast to autobiographies of trans persons co-authored by polished professionals who have no experience with transsexualism themselves, Betsie and Luca’s words flow straight from their hearts to the page. Topics in this autobiography include: gender dysphoria, gender identity, transsexualism, hormone therapy, transition, gender reassignment surgery, bullying, rape, drug and alcohol addiction, attempted suicide, police brutality, domestic abuse and depression.



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